Event: IMU Chariofare Charity Run & Carnival 2023
Event Date: 23 Sep 2023
Location: Chariofare Booth, Atrium, IMU Bukit Jalil


At ABEX, we believe in the power of collective action to create positive change. We are thrilled to have sponsored and participated in the IMU Chariofare Charity Run & Carnival 2023, @IMU’s annual flagship fund-raising initiative led by their passionate students and supported by their dedicated staff. This year’s theme, “Empowering Tomorrow’s Community,” aims to address 3 critical societal issues: Children with special needs; Victims of mental health problems; and Women facing domestic violence and abuse. 100% of the proceeds from this event will go directly to these causes, ensuring tangible support reaches those who need it most. We are immensely proud to be a part of this meaningful initiative in making a difference. Let’s join hands and work together towards a brighter, healthier and more inclusive tomorrow!